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Trade Credit Insurance Solutions

We specialise in providing trade credit insurance solutions from the credit insurance market for trading or service related companies. By taking out credit insurance you will have peace of mind to comfortably sell to clients knowing that you are covered in the event of non payment and leaving you to focus on increasing your company’s sales growth.

We offer independent, experienced and impartial advice based on our expert knowledge of the credit insurance market and have contacts with leading UK insurers to allow us to provide you with the best insurance solutions for your business.

Our brokerage firm is approved and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and we are members of the British Insurance Brokers Association, so you can always trust us to give you the professional trade credit insurance advice you need.

Whole Turnover Cover

Whole turnover insurance is one of the most popular trade credit insurance policies, used by businesses to protect themselves from conventional commercial risks such as insolvency or payment default.

A whole turnover policy covers your entire debtor portfolio. Whole turnover cover ensures that your company is protected from risks associated with selling to all your buyers. This means that all major buyers will first be vetted by insurance underwriters, and that the credit of each buyer will be regularly monitored so that you are always up to date on their credit status. A discretionary limit that you control will provide cover on your smaller debtors.

Major Debtor Cover

Most companies have one or two buyers who regularly purchase large or bulk amounts of goods on credit. We work with trade credit insurance providers who are able to supply policies which cover risks associated with your major debtors.

Start Up Policies

A trade credit insurance policy can be put in place for start up companies. Protection of debtors is a crucial risk prevention tool when companies first start trading, because in a trading company’s early days, a large bad debt can be very damaging or even fatal to that business’s viability.

Agreed Accounts or Named Accounts Policy

Credit insurers are more flexible these days and can offer a policy to cover any business on a named debtor basis. So, for example, a company could select a few buyers to credit insure and the policy will be tailor made for this purpose or conversely you could ask an insurer to exclude certain named blue chip customers if you wanted to have a more bespoke policy.