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Advantages of Working with Our Insurance Brokerage

At Charles Dominic Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing tailor-made credit insurance solutions for all businesses.

Throughout our 29 years in the trade, our experience and personalised service has allowed us to build lasting relationships with all our clients and to gain a reputation for outstanding service.

Unbiased Advice

As an independent insurance brokerage, we always have your company’s best interests in mind when searching for credit insurance solutions to suit your trade requirements. We search the entire market to find trade credit insurance policies which will work for your business.

Affordable Credit Insurance

Many companies still believe that credit insurance is expensive. This is no longer the reality. There are a wide range of affordable credit insurance policies available on the market. Working through our insurance brokerage, you will not need to pay more than if you worked directly with an insurer. We search the market to secure the right trade credit insurance policy to match your budget.

Flexible Insurance Policies

Many businesses believe that credit insurance is not suited to small or medium enterprises and that insurance providers will not cover companies who engage in risky business ventures. This is not simply not true. Credit insurance is affordable and there are policies available to suit businesses with a wide range of risk evaluations.

Fast, Convenient Delivery

We always respond quickly to all enquiries, whether by phone or email and we are happy to visit you for a free no obligation consultation. We make sure that once we understand your requirements we find you a suitable credit insurance policy as fast as possible and help you liaise with the relevant insurance provider for your business. It is our goal as insurance brokers to make the application and all further processes as efficient as possible.

Long Term Business Relationships

What sets us apart from most of our competitors is that we provide continuity. Many larger insurers and brokers have constant changes in personnel, whereas we have known most of our clients for many years. It is our aim to get to know and understand your business over a long period of time - we have known some of our clients for 20 years or more. We never forget how important each client is to us and their loyalty is very much appreciated.

Personal Client Services

We pride ourselves on our personal approach to client service for each and every business. We offer each client at least one service visit a year and will also arrange any additional service calls if required. We provide all our clients with professional and dedicated trade credit insurance advice and consultation services. We understand that each client’s business is different and unique in its own way and we strive to help in an adaptable and approachable way so that our clients can achieve greater growth with minimal risk.